About the film

‘Epitaph’ is the third short film from award-winning writer/director Amy Coop. It follows the story of Claude (below), a tired and lonely old man who was once one half of a successful Music Hall comedy act ‘Benny & Claude’. When he reads that his old partner Benny Benjamin has died, he sets off to pay him a long overdue tribute.

Epitaph 04 wp

The film deals with themes of mortality and regret, a seemingly maudlin reflection on a life long since faded away. The title refers not just to the inscription on Benny’s headstone but to the memories, regrets and missed opportunities that Claude carries with him all these years after their successful duo split, and the hollow emptiness that took it’s place.

‘Epitaph’ is a dark and surprising film that leaves questions unanswered and invites the audience to make their own judgements.

Featuring a nuanced and understated performance from Karl Johnson as ‘Claude’, gorgeous anamorphic Cinematography by Trevor Coop and a wonderful original score by Tandis Jenhudson, ‘Epitaph’ is achingly beautiful throughout.

Shot in just two days at 3 Mills Studios in London and on location in Hertfordshire in December 2012 and completed just 2 months later, ‘Epitaph’ represents something of an achievement in production, if only compared to Amy’s previous films which took 5 years and 2 years respectively to come to the screen.

The project was selected by Directors UK and Arri for support as part of the ‘Challenge ALEXA’ competition, and will be screening at BAFTA in March 2013.

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